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  • Mary Homes provides teams of Child-Youth Counsellors who together present a range of training in Child Development, Social Learning, Behaviour Modification, and Behaviour techniques.
  • Mary Homes establishes behaviour management programs to best address the variety of behaviour disturbances and problems displayed by their residents. These include children and youth demonstrating defiant, noncompliant, socially aggressive, anxious, impulsive, destructive, and coercive behaviours in mild, severe, or chronic degrees.
  • Mary Homes strives to learn the underlying causes of the child's behaviour, considering their family dynamics (disrupted, impaired, dysfunctional or distressed) history of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), and developmental psychopathology. (As diagnosed by their treating physicians and psychotherapists)
  • Mary supports and maintains the involvement of all community and outside professional resources, and where necessary, will seek referrals and assessments for treatment in conjunction with the plan of care established by the child's Social Worker.
  • Mary Homes implements programs to encourage the youth to meet appropriate developmental expectations in areas such as: self-care, household responsibilities, and school performance, and to participate in age appropriate social interactions with adults and peers.
  • Mary Homes provides Child and Youth Counsellors who have the management skills to present the residents with clear and responsible guidance, supervision, positive attention and reinforcement, and will implement behaviour management strategies such as time-outs, natural and logical consequences, selective attendance, and planned problem prevention interventions. In addition, all workers are trained in Non-violent Crisis intervention training by a certified instructor who will provide ongoing refresher courses to teach safe management strategies for aggressive, violent and agitated individuals.
  • Mary Homes strives to teach and encourage their residents in acquiring social maturity, problem solving, communication, conflict resolution, and daily life-skills to provide them the foundation to achieve progress and success.
  • Mary Homes supports and encourages community involvement and participation for all of their youth. Each youth is offered opportunities to participate in individual recreational activities and group activities. (Examples; swimming lessons, memberships in clubs and associations, part- time or volunteer employment, etc.)
  • Mary Homes at clients admission/intake provides a 30 days plan of care from admission, 90 days from admission, 180 days from admission, and a report every 180 days thereafter. These reports will be goal focused with clear methodologies which measure attained successes, and which include input and feedback from the youth and their respective social worker.