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Life Skills

This program requires weekly participation in completing a life skills booklet at each resident's pace and skill level. This program is designed to teach basic skills in such areas as meal preparation, nutrition, money management, job search, employment, self-care, etc.

Daily Life Skills

A temporary program designed for youth who are not attending school due to suspension, expulsion, or are waiting to begin an educational program. The youth are taught a variety of education, home, life and social skills.

Residents Meetings

Weekly meetings designed to provide each resident with the opportunity to address issues with peers, present questions to the workers, determine group outings, and resolve group difficulties. Facilitated with staff assistance.

Personal Goal Plans

Designed to give each youth the opportunity to establish their own significant and attainable goals, to be reviewed monthly with their key worker to strategize plans of action and determine successes.

Youth Group

Weekly group participation involving residents engaging in group discussions and role-playing covering a range of social learning topics such as:

A). Peer relations and social skills:
Group discussions and role-playing to examine peer pressure situations and ways to deal with them, social learning sessions to role-play conversations, negotiating, resolving conflicts, qualities of friendship, etc.

B). Stress Management:
Discussions and reading materials on health issues, methods of stress reduction, behavioural and emotional responses, relaxation and physical exercises.

Anger Control Training Skills

Mary Homes conducts an Anger Solutions program for youth. This is a 10 week program geared toward our youth.

This takes the youth through the following; myths and realities, taking responsibility, identifying anger styles, understanding their anger, discriminating between, body language, skill programming “just between You and I”, listening skills, skill programming “Anger can be expressed”, releasing residual anger, and review and celebration.
All homes are located in the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton.