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  • Mary Homes has been caring for youth and children since 1989 and has provided care and help to over a thousand youth.
  • Mary Homes is committed to provide the best care for their residents while considering all the components which comprise an individual: their spiritual, emotional, cultural-ethnic and recreational needs.
  • Mary Homes services have been designed to assist and support youth that are experiencing a wide range of issues; primarily emotional and behavioral challenges that hinder their well-being and growth in their homes and community.
  • Mary Homes strives to provide safe and caring structured placements in which the youth can participate in goal oriented plans of care that provide them with continued encouragement and success.
  • Mary Homes provides Group care residences according to the presenting needs and required amount of support for each youth.
  • Mary Homes also offers family support services by means of Child and Youth Counselors conducting family sessions to support youth in their transition home. In addition, Mary Homes offers specialized programs and facilities at "the Farm".
  • Mary Homes offers a variety of services and programs to meet the needs of their youth. Mary Homes is not able to attend to the needs of youth that possess serious mental health issues, or histories of serious conduct disorder (for example, fire setters, sexual offenders).