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Clinical Psychologist Consultant

Mary Homes consults with external psychologists that work directly with each home on a rotational basis to review the youth in their home and provide methodologies to use in order to help the youth progress towards the attainment of their goals. Together they provide consultative reports on individual youth in our care. They will also, when requested, work directly with youth in our system.

Their reports give significant examples of behaviours and provide insight into presenting causes for behaviours and provides concrete plans of interventions. They work directly with our supervisors and workers to provide specific behaviour management programs, and incentive plans for youth in our care.

Registered Practical Nurse

Registered Practical Nurse- Date of consulting RPN at Mary Homes started February 5th, 2021 and remains ongoing. They do a review of medication charts, menus to ensure they are culturally diverse and meet the Canada Food Guide along with a review of all monthly activity calendars to promote active healthy lifestyles for our youth on a weekly basis. This has helped to ensure that Mary Homes maintains best practices in the workplace.

They do each home 1X week their time is used to review the above and provide support to senior management, supports Ministry compliance.