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Occupational Therapist & Behavioral Therapist


Our consulting Behavioral Therapist provides behaviour therapy services to our children and youth with developmental disabilities (DD). Services include providing specialized behaviour therapy services to children, youth residing in Mary Homes Inc group homes that is operated under MCCSS quality assurance measures requirements.

The consulting Behavior therapist will;

The consulting treatment team model a specialized, experienced team that will provide a combination of onsite and virtual behaviour therapy services. The roles and responsibilities of this team are:

a) Service will consist of direct (conducting a functional behavioural assessment, meeting with clients, staff and/or mediator, and staff training) and indirect services (analyzing assessment and treatment results, material preparation, supervision meetings and report writing).
b) Implement Behaviour Support Plan recommendations to address challenging behaviours identified.
c) Meet with the staff/group home frequently to review progress, program changes and to provide staff training.
d) Monitor the effectiveness of the Behaviour Support Plan and modify as necessary.
e) Our consulting Psychologist will work hand in hand and be responsible for the clinical supervision of the BCBA, throughout the duration of this agreement.


Trauma-Informed Occupational Therapy (TI-OT) is one such service and considers specific dimensions of a person, including attachment styles, nervous system regulation and relationships, to understand their functioning. In each of these dimensions, the occupational therapist will assess how sensations are registered, filtered, and processed by the body and brain to help caregivers and parents understand difficult behaviors. The environment also plays a critical role in supporting or reducing these behaviors and is a big part of OT assessment and intervention.

Our consulting Occupational Therapist uses holistic models to help provide the support needed for children and youth in Mary Homes care. This includes a careful analysis of the institutional environment to understand functioning of youth and workers in this environment as a system and how it can influence regulatory capacities for everyone in the interaction.

The consulting Occupational Therapist will;
- Organize and determine meeting and observation dates
- Complete client and worker surveys
- Conduct initial on-site observations
- Intake of staff and client
- Develop goals for staff related to competency and sense of mastery of interventions
- Develop goals related to client satisfaction towards intervention and safety in the environment