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Animal Assisted Counseling

There seems to be a natural tendency for humans and animals to form a relationship with one another, even if the animal is not the persons.

This involves goal directed activities designed to improve the client’s quality of life through utilization of the human-animal bond.

This involves such tasks as visiting with animals and friendly petting with playful activity.

It may also include education about or related to the animal itself. A counselor would set therapeutic goals, guide interaction between client and animal, measure progress toward meeting goals and evaluate the process.

Why involve animals in counseling?

  • The client may be more motivated to attend and participate in counseling because of the desire to spend time with the animal.
  • The client may receive healing nurturance and affection through physical contact with the animal
  • The client may experience soothing comfort from petting or holding the animal
  • The client may experience enjoyment and entertainment from the interaction with the animal
  • The client may be able to form a more trusting relationship with a counselor by the way the counselor interacts with the animal.