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Kicks 4 Kids

Mary Homes also organizes and sponsors an annual summer event called “Kicks for Kids”. This annual event commenced in 1997 and has become an integral part of Mary Homes. Many past youth of Mary Homes return yearly to participate in this event.

The event begins yearly with a T-Shirt contest that all youth are encouraged to participate in prior to the actual event. The theme of the current year’s Kicks for Kids is determined and then all youth may submit their drawings for the event. The winning design will be put on the T-shirt that all persons participating in the event wear during the day.

During this event our youth and workers have participate in a variety of activities (soccer, baseball, volleyball, talent shows, touch football, hayrides, watermelon eating contest….This day provides a fun filled day where all kids are expected to be “kids” More recently we have brought youth on large group outings to LaRonde to provide them with an experience they may never have, had or will have in their lives. We provide them with growth through adventure!!!

We have been joined in this event by friends, neighbours, teachers, police, social workers and members of our local community.