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    The Group Home residences provide high levels of supervision, structure and support to youth who have difficulty managing in less intrusive environments, and who require continuous limit setting and intervention strategies. The youth participate in numerous program activities, which are geared to promote prosocial behavior, self-esteem building, and the acquisition of basic life skills. Personal goal plans are established with each youth so that they may play an active role in their development and success, and to encourage personal responsibility and accountability for choices. The residences are designed to provide a home like environment, where the youth are able to feel safe, secure, nurtured, and cared for.

    The group home residences provide specialized care to a diverse range of clients; MARY Homes offers group care living in:

One adolescent female residence,

Lacroix: A seven bed adolescent female home (ages 12 to 16). The youth often display behaviors associated with self esteem, poor impulse control and family issues such as eating disorders, self-harmful behaviors, and immature emotional development. The residents are given verbal and social reinforcements for reassurance and support. Activities and individual programs are geared to build confidence and positive self-esteem to foster success in the community and at school.

Three adolescent male residences

MajorA seven bed adolescent Male residence (ages 12 to 16).The residents are typically presenting a range of behavioral challenges, which are characteristic of oppositional-defiant disorder; conduct disorder, mood disorders and attachment related issues. The focus is on managing aggression and anti-social behaviors while teaching the youth alternative means of coping and expression. The youth are also encouraged to build their self worth through involvement in recreational activities, and through the acquisition of living skills (such as meal preparation and nutrition).

Phoenix: A seven bed male residence for adolescents (ages 8 to 16). The population of youth are diverse in their backgrounds and needs. Most of the youth have multiple difficulties in their academic progress, social skills and anger management. The youth are encouraged to address their individual issues with support from the staff. Positive choices are encouraged and resources are made available to aid in overcoming obstacles which include frequent drug use, truancy, aggression, and running.

Navan: A seven bed male residence for adolescents (ages 12 to 16) located in a rural setting on a farm with horses and acres of natural trails.

Primarily designed to address the risk behaviors associated with chronic runners and substance abusers. The program provides a level system, which increases the residents privileges and responsibilities in accordance with their positive behavior. Short-term goals established through personal development plans leads to responsible decision making and focus on accomplishments. Healthy lifestyle alternatives and skills streaming programs are implemented to prepare youth for independent living.





One mixed gender Assessment & Emergency Center,

Tenth Line: This 8 bed Assessment & Emergency Centre provides structured, short-term placements for mixed gender populations. These youth arrive from a variety of living situations, often in a volatile state due to the disruption of their previous placement. An assessment of the youth's needs is made throughout their stay in order to determine future placement, ie: with a family member, foster home or group home. The youth’s behaviors, living and social skills as well as their developmental performance is evaluated in conjunction with their social workers and other involved resources.

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