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Assessment & Emergency Centre

    The Assessment and Emergency Center is a short-term placement
(ideally a 30-45 day stay) and therefore has unique challenges
because of the ever changing,unpredictable dynamics. Due to this,
the Centre has a highly consistent, yet, adaptable program.

    The staff team is trained to provide the best possible care to our youth and to manage a wide variety of behaviours that may be displayed by any of the youth placed within our home. They deal with a wide range of behaviours such as: suicidal ideation, sexualized behaviours, running behaviour, drug dependencies, both verbal and physical aggression, chronic non-compliance, eating disorders and other psychological issues. The goals of the home are to attempt to stabilize current behaviours and “lay the foundation” on which to base ongoing programming and interventions.

    The staff team assesses the individual youth and attempt to recognize the varying needs of each youth. A plan is put in place immediately with the youth and their social worker to identify their goals and means and recommendations are made for long term planning and placement.

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